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Magnum Wall Formwork

The Magnum system consists of large-area form panels 2400 x 3000 mm. Two (2) ties per panel joint and three (3) aligning clamps per panel. The system also incorporates push-pull props, working brackets, and high strength, reusable ties. With this equipment every movement of the crane allows a high sq. ft. area to be stripped, moved, and reset at one time. The area of our large panel is approx. 80 sq. ft. and only requires three (3) hammer clamps and two (2) ties to assemble or reconfigure the system. The Magnum system can be used with, and readily attach to either Circa-Flex or Duraclamp system.

Magnum_Ohio Yard
Magnum_Wilhelm_Kenyon College_ 30ft wall
Magnum_W Supply_
Magnum_Great Lakes_Wendy Park Bridge
Magnum_Pate Construction_Lift Shaft_Marr
Magnum_Great Lakes_Wendy Park Bridge_2
Magnum_CMQ_All Aboard Florida
Magnum_Great Lakes_Biocept WTP_1
Magnum_Great Lakes_Biocept WTP
Magnum_Beaver_Excavation Tunnel
Magnum_Beaver_Excavation Tunnel 2
Magnum_Beaver_Excavation Tunnel_3

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