Modular Formwork


The Steel-Ply forming system is a pre-engineered, factory-built, reusable concrete forming system. It may be used in handset or gang form applications, for commercial or residential structures. The Steel-Ply forming system can form walls of almost any shape or size, with accessories for special structures and details. This system is more productive and economical than job-built plywood formwork or other forming methods.

  • Quick Hook Handle

  • Wedge Bolts

  • Long Bolts

  • Adjustable Long Bolts

  • Base Tie Bolts

  • S-Panel Ties

  • X-Flat Ties

  • Threaded Ties

  • S-Base Tie

  • Inside/Outside Corners

  • Bay Corners

  • Hinged Corners

  • One-Piece Waler Bracket

  • Strongbacks

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