At Unispan we constantly strive to optimize and ensure the safe use of our Formwork and Shoring systems. Our skilled design engineers are trained to prepare detailed drawings and equipment take-off lists for each of our systems on the jobs we supply. When required by our customers we send the drawings to an external company to be stamped by a professional engineer. The take-off list is used to ensure that the correct equipment is delivered to the site by our logistics team.  Once the equipment is on-site our Account Managers ensure that our drawings are used for the correct installation and application of our systems.



Unispan supplies several different panel systems to ensure excellent results when pouring vertical concrete such as walls and columns. We prepare Formwork drawing which clearly shows the layout of the panels so that the site team knows where each panel and component is required. On our plant drawing our customers can see the different sizes of panels and corner panels required to form the vertical structures on their project as well as the horizontal tie spacing and push-pull prop spacing. Our section drawing shows the number and size of panels required in height as well as the vertical tie spacings.

Each project we supply is provided with a complete set of drawings and specifications which the site team follows to ensure the correct and safe use of our formwork systems resulting in the desired concrete finish.


Unispan supplies various Shoring systems to suit different site requirements. Before starting a Shoring drawing our design engineers calculate the loads that need to be supported including the weight of the concrete and other material such as rebar multiplied by relevant safety factors. Our shoring drawings clearly show both the vertical members (post shores, frames) required to support the slab or beam and the horizontal members (Aluminum Stringers and Joists).

We prepare plant and section drawings structure on our projects making the erection of our system on-site safe, quick, and easy.