Post Shore & Beam System

Aluminum Post & Beam System

The UNISPAN "Post & Beam" system is fast to install, simple to dismantle, and very easy to design. There are only four (4) major parts to the system. Ideally suited for low rise concrete structures with flat slabs and minimal obstructions, this system is a cost effective means to shore and re-shore most types of concrete structures.

  • Only 4 major components: Post, Tri-pod, Fork head, & Aluminum beams

  • Light weight post as little as 49 lbs. each

  • Most all parts are galvanized to eliminate rusting - won’t stain concrete

  • Posts have a min. capacity of 7,600 lbs. at 8’ at a 3:1 FOS

  • All post can be used upside down for ease of adjustment

  • All post have self-cleaning adjusting screws

  • Quick set collars release stall for ease of pull out

  • Accepts both flat plates and fork heads

  • Stacks easily for ease of shipping

  • Can be used as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with other systems